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1.Where can I buy ROOF helmets, assessories and spare parts ?

In all our official dealers in France and foreign countries. Go to “find a dealer” page to target the store nearest you. Your dealer will give you quality advice and will be your privileged link with the ROOF company.

2.What is the warranty for my helmet and screen ?

Only the problems connected to the manufacture and preventing a normal use of the helmets are covered by the warranty. Subjective problems associated with its use (size, comfort, weight, noise, ..) and normal wear are obviously not covered.
Any helmet that has sustained an impact shall not be covered by the warranty.

ROOF helmets are covered by warranty from the date of purchase and for a period of 3 years while the visor shall be covered for 1 year (except Iridescent visor), for any manufacturing defect assessed by our customer service. ROOF undertakes the cost of spare parts and labor related to these problems (within the limits of the purchase value of the helmet). Excluding warranty extension activated on the website, these warranty periods cannot be extended under any circumstances, even if the helmet or the visor has been requiring intervention or immobilization.
To send your helmet to customer service, thank you for going through your dealer.

Will not be covered by this warranty :
- A helmet-impacted by a fall, an accident, …
- Any alteration on the helmet by a third party not authorized by us (removal of adhesives, paint, accessories not approved by Roof, installation screws…)
- The use on helmet of chemical products that have visibly altered the quality of helmets or its visor,
- Prolonged exposure of the helmet to a heat source or radiation which may alter particular color quality paints, interior damping system or dressing,
- A lack of maintenance of the helmet,
- Normal wear of materials: inner lining, scratch on visor and helmet… and due to a normal use of the helmet,
- A subjective judgment of the user of the helmet: acoustic comfort, comfort inner lining, size, aesthetics, quality of color, decorations…
- The use of the helmet in other situations than the normal driving of motorized land vehicles

3.How to choose my size? How to adjust my helmet?

To give you maximum safety, the helmet must be well adapted to the size of your head, a helmet is a strictly personal protection element. Put on the headset, hold it firmly with both hands, you should be able to turn your head in any direction inside the helmet. If you manage to turn your head easily, the helmet is too big. If the helmet is too much pressure on your head, it's probably too small and may cause headaches and reduce your concentration. Once tight chin strap, the helmet should not be able to tilt your head.

Correspondind sizes :
XS 54 cm
S 56 cm
SM 57 cm
M 58 cm
L 60 cm
XL 61 cm
XXL 63 cm

Ask your official dealer ROOF: it will help you choose the helmet perfectly adapted to your head. All ROOF helmets, there are different thicknesses cheeks or dress so you can match the comfort of your morphology helmet

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1.Can we change inside a helmet?

In order to increase the comfort of your headphone you can choose a more or less thick inside according to your body

2.How to activate my extended warranty ?

Once your member account is created on the website via the tab “Register”, you can, activate your extra year of warranty for your helmet by logging into your profile. To do so, send us your invoice or proof of purchase in electronic format via the activation module for this purpose. You will receive a confirmation e-mail informing you of the confirmation of your additional year of warranty.

If you need to return your helmet for a defect covered by the warranty, thank you for going through your dealer and adding to your helmet, the printed confirmation mail of your extended warranty.

3.How to return my helmet to the customer Service ?

To benefit from the warranty of the ROOF product, please go through your dealer and provide proof of purchase. Beyond the warranty period and without proof of purchase, any repairs will be billed following validation of quotation.

1.How to remove and reassemble BOXER VISOR ?

Put your helmet on a smooth and stable surface. Unscrew the Aluminum axes with a coin or key. The anti-loosening red ring of remains on the axes. Spread the chin and remove it from the helmet. To remove the visor, raise one bottom screen side plate to release the large diameter and small diameter of the bi-axes. Remove the stop plate. Proceed in the same way for the other side. You can then change the screen or clean it.

(Proceed necessarily in this order)
Put your helmet on a smooth and stable surface. Insert the stopper in the slot bean shaped, engage the upper part of the plate under the small diameter of the bi-axes, then clip the lower part of the plate under the large diameter of the bi-axes. Check that the screen rotates freely around the large diameter. Perform this sequence of operations on the other side. Then position the chin aligning the hub of the small diameter of each bi-axes, and hand tighten the screws equipped with their red ring. Tighten the two screws with a coin or key. Then check the chin and rotate the visor around the shell

1.How to remove and reassemble DESMO visor?

To disassemble and reassemble your DESMO visor safely, please follow the instructions in the DESMO booklet and use specific tools provided with your helmet: Key-ring BTR and mounting template (DESMO TOOL).
Please watch the explanatory video for this operation :

2.Which differences between DESMO RO31 and RO32 DESMO NEW GENERATION

DESMO has established itself on the market since 2012 as a reference. DESMO RO31 has experienced some changes to suit the majority. Here are the improvements DESMO RO32:


-  Free space in Chinbar increased to more ease while maint its damping qualities. This saves space in the chinbar allows DESMO to become accessible to a larger number of morphologies.


-  Developed exclusively for the new DESMO, SILENT LINING removes turbulences and noise for a more pleasant ride


-   For more useful, the reversible stop insure a soft locking of the chinbar in Jet position. Handling air extractors and the fastener of the flap windbreaker also benefited from improvements for this 2016 version.


-  Always with a view to optimize the safety of motorcyclists, two emergency release buttons have been developed for immediate opening of the chinbar if the main button would be in default following a frontal impact. The safety release allows emergency or user to access the face quickly without removing the helmet

Nevertheless DESMO RO32 retains all previous innovations that give these headphones a unique place in the market:

-          A patented desmodromic visor mechanism

-          Automatic locking and unlocking system with one hand

-          Jet and Fullface certification

-          Patented and innovative visor seals

-          Active and passive defog + Venturi air vents 

-          Contents weight

-          Progressive and ventillated protection