To activate your additional year of warranty, fill out this form and send us your invoice or proof of purchase in electronic format.
Activation of the warranty extension valid 30 days after the date of purchase.

(1)Are affected by the extension of guarantee the countries signatories of the regulation E22-05.

Required fields

We remind you that only problems related to manufacturing and problems that prevent normal use of the helmet are supported.
Subjective problems related to its use (height, comfort, weight, noise, etc.) and normal wear and tear are naturally not covered by the warranty.

We also remind you that a crashed helmet should no longer be worn and can not be taken as a guarantee.


ROOF helmets are covered by the warranty from the date of purchase and for a period of 3 years and 1 year for the screens (except Iridium screen), for any problem related to a manufacturing defect found by our after-sales service.
We undertake to bear the cost of parts and labour related to the problems observed (within the limit of the purchase value of the helmet).
Under no circumstances could these warranty periods be extended, even if the helmet or the display must have required any intervention or immobilization.
After the warranty period, any repairs will be subject to a costed estimate.

The sending of this duly completed form and a valid proof of purchase will extend the warranty of the helmet to 4 years from the date of purchase.


Will not be covered any related defects:

  • to a helmet that has been hit by a fall, an accident, etc.
  • to a modification made on the helmet by a third party not authorized by our services (removal of adhesives, paint, accessories not approved ROOF, installation of screws ...),
  • the use on the helmet of chemicals likely or having visibly impaired the quality of the helmet or its screen,
  • prolonged exposure of the helmet near a source of heat or radiation which may thus affect the quality of the colors of the paints, the interior damping system or the covering,
  • due to lack of maintenance of the helmet,
  • normal wear and tear of materials: interior trim, screen and helmet scratches, ... and falling under normal use of the helmet,
  • to a subjective judgment of the user of the helmet: acoustic comfort, comfort of the dressings, size, aesthetics, quality of the color, the decorations, ...
  • use of the helmet other than for the driving of motorized land vehicles (non-flying).