How to take care of my helmet ROOF ?

WARNING : For cleaning, never use alcohol or hydrocarbon solvent and window cleaning products. Clean your helmet only with lukewarm water and mild soap. Do not apply any varnish or adhesive.
It is recommended, between each use, to store the helmets in the specific fabric bag, making sure before that its inside is dry. Do not store the helmet near a source of heat or UV radiations , in a wet place, or with high thermal amplitudes which risk affecting the color quality of the paintings, the damping system or the inner lining.
( Specifically for BOXER models : in order to optimize the working and waterproofness between the visor and the chin, it is advisable to store the helmet with the visor closed and locked to the chin for the foams to be protected. )
To clean the outside of your helmet, use soapy water and a soft cloth.

How to clean the inner lining :
- Remove the parts of the inner lining (when the helmet is equipped with a removable inner lining)
- Hand clean hand fabrics and foams with soapy water
- Rinse, slightly, with clear water
- Then let it dry
- Replace your inner lining by following the instructions booklet of the helmet

How to clean the visor :
It is necessary to replace your visor when it is scratched, especially if you ride at night. Tinted screens are only suitable for daytime use.
- Remove your screen by following the instructions in the manual of your helmet (for DESMO, see FAQ question “How to remove my DESMO visor?”)
- Clean only with water
- Wipe with a soft cloth
- Install your visor by following the instructions in the manual of your helmet
A well maintained helmet is the guarantee of effective protection !