How to choose your helmet?

Before choosing a helmet, a modular or a jet, it must first clearly identify its needs. Indeed, a helmet jet suit an essentially urban use and a pleasant climate, however, it should not for use on motorways or just in a very cold region. Another example, a modular helmet will be highly appreciated for its convenience, unlike a helmet more difficult to put on and not allowing an opening of the chin at low speed or stop ... All this to say that there is no perfect and universal helmet model, in fact, every user will find, according to its selection criteria and use, the headset that will fit him.

The key questions to ask to make a choice:  

 - Which frequency of use (daily, once on weekends, ...)?   

- What use (urban, motorway, ...)?   

- What climate (hot region, cold, wet, ...)?   

- What time of use for each output?