How to choose my size? How to adjust my helmet?

To give you maximum safety, the helmet must be well adapted to the size of your head, a helmet is a strictly personal protection element. Put on the headset, hold it firmly with both hands, you should be able to turn your head in any direction inside the helmet. If you manage to turn your head easily, the helmet is too big. If the helmet is too much pressure on your head, it's probably too small and may cause headaches and reduce your concentration. Once tight chin strap, the helmet should not be able to tilt your head.

Correspondind sizes :
XS 54 cm
S 56 cm
SM 57 cm
M 58 cm
L 60 cm
XL 61 cm
XXL 63 cm

Ask your official dealer ROOF: it will help you choose the helmet perfectly adapted to your head. All ROOF helmets, there are different thicknesses cheeks or dress so you can match the comfort of your morphology helmet